This is a quick update for those that have visited our website and sanctuary previously. Firstly the cattery is now up and running and it currently houses around 30 cats. However the cattery isn’t yet complete we still have to get the pens built on the outside so that the cats will be able to have more space and fresh air

Also we are now putting in paths so that people will be able to come and visit the animals at the sanctuary. Again this is another slow and painful process as we are using road chippings so they all have to be moved by hand. Although please be patient as we have done an awful lot but due to lack of funds that has to be put on hold at the moment.

But although these are massive achievements for the sanctuary we are still needing to do more to help animals all other the region. Our next project is to raise the funds to get our kennel block built. The Kennel block will be a similar building to the cattery but one thing that will be different is that it wont cost as much, this is due to the fact that the foundations are already in and we estimate that it will cost around £35,000 to have the Kennel block constructed.


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