Friends of Kays Hill Animal Sanctuary (1153233)

Friends of Kay’s Hill Animal Sanctuary committee consists of:

Chair person- Cath McCann

Secretary- Dr William Campbell

Treasurer- Keith Stephenson

Committee Members:

Leanne Wensley

Doreen Kitson

Kathryn Stephenson

Daniel Wolstencroft

Friends of Kay’s Hill Animal Sanctuary are a registered charity (1153233) that was setup to support the on going work and projects up at the sanctuary. They have been actively supporting the sanctuary over the last year. And have helped with the following so far:

  • They provided funds for the internal wood fencing which was required by DEFRA
  • Funding was provided for the external rabbit pens
  • They provided £500 of funds for neutering and vaccinating all our cats
  • They paid  £1000 for treatment of Jack our donkey who had a sarcoid and needed chemotherapy(This treatment is on going)

If you could spare a few hours of your time each month to become an active member and help with there fundraising events please contact the sanctuary for more details.



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